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A Profile of The Modern-Day Spartan Intrapreneur

A Profile of The Modern-Day Spartan Intrapreneur

A Profile of The Modern-Day Spartan Intrapreneur

These days it’s typically the entrepreneur that gets the glory; the smart start-up guy who seems to know what the next big thing will be, the social savvy app developer that is suddenly all over our iOs, the Kickstarted inventor, whose idea just might change the world.

But in reality, these guys have one-in-a-million chance of really creating a stir, establishing themselves as professionals in their industry, or making a real impact on society (not to mention their family’s social mobility).

In the real world, the place most of us, our wives and kids, live, it’s the intrapreneur who makes the biggest difference; who rises to the top and makes his mark on his industry, furthers his career, and improves his world by providing for his family.

What is an Intrapreneur?

An intrapreneur is a person who takes an entrepreneurial attitude and applies that kind of enthusiasm, interest, and innovation to their 9 to 5 jobs. Forbes magazine refers to these guys as “the heroes” at work, because they’re the game changers within their organizations.

The intrapreneur is the bosses’ best friend, the person they come to trust the most, and thus promote above anyone else. The intrapreneur doesn’t own the business, he just feels ownership over his career.

[blockquote cite=”Thax” type=”left, center, right”]The Spartan intrapreneur is a hybrid modern-day warrior and innovator. His primary competition at his work is himself, and he is constantly striving to up his game.[/blockquote]

It’s that sense of ownership over one’s work and life that leads the intrapreneur to success.

These are the kind of people that become indispensable to their workplaces.

Their companies literally cannot afford to lose them, thus the intrapreneur doesn’t have to chase after raises and promotions, rather, the money and just success naturally follows.

The Spartan Intrapreneur

He’s fearless when it comes to tackling new assignments and taking his office in bold, new directions. That fear of failure isn’t cocky bravado though, rather it comes from an innate understanding of his capabilities.

And the Spartan Intrapreneur knows that even failure comes with it’s own set of invaluable lessons.

Constantly anticipating several steps ahead of his colleagues, the Spartan intrapreneur revels in challenge, rather than dreads the toil that every position occasionally entails.

The Spartan intrapreneur is able to reframe mundane tasks, as even the most tedious drudgery can be is training for a keener sense of self-discipline.


Above all else, when engaged in work, the Spartan intrapreneur is focused and persistent. You don’t see him wasting his employer’s time playing games or procrastinating.

His career and his duty to the commitment he made when he accepted his position is far too important to him.

His potential to achieve is only limited by the resources made available to him, and the Spartan intrapreneur is adept at making the most out of the hand he’s been dealt.

Finally, balance is key to the modern-day Spartan intrapreneur, and he sees maintaining that balance between work and family, rest and engagement, as essential to his battle plan.

When any aspect of his personal life begins to interfere with his efforts to perform his duties to the best of his ability, he immediately responds to remedy the situation.

[blockquote cite=”Thax” type=”left, center, right”]He is not afraid to put in the work or alter course if necessary when it comes to personal or working relationships.[/blockquote]

His guiding principles in all of his interactions tend to be integrity and authenticity, and he strives to always speak and act with his values in mind.

The essence of the Spartan intrapreneur makes him a crucial player for any business to distinguish itself in the competitive market.

The willingness to go to battle, not just for his company’s brand, but for the sake of his career and sense of pride that comes with his accomplishments, is the vital difference that sets apart mercenary middle management from the genuine gladiators of the corporate world.

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