Are you sick and tired of being out of balance?  Not being where you are supposed to be?  Does your life lack definition, purpose and clarity?  Is there more to you than the wold sees?

That was us too.  We were not supposed to be here! Everything in our past precluded us from succeeding, yet we have. From poverty and obscurity our paths were foretold by many and it certainly didn’t say anything about us being here… successful, balanced, empowered, strong, loved and happy!

We chose a path different from the one that was chosen for us. Our hard luck story was what we made of it and while it describes us it will never define us!

We are part naive, part incredulous, part oblivious, but mostly just stubborn and driven.  Above all we are authentic!!  We have unlocked a secret formula that is proven and replicated many times over.

We want to share it with you for free! No gimmicks, no games.  Look around at our page and see what appeals to you.


As a member of the Modern Day Spartan you will be part of an elite fraternity that fight for each other, improve each other, and most importantly… live for each other.

This is the secret handed down for centuries and how with modern message we have created a new Sparta and an opportunity for a brotherhood dedicated to “Greater Than”!

Join us and may we fight the good fight together!

We can elect to live life to the fullest; one filled with happiness, abundance, success, balance, and conviction.

Here’s To Your Journey!  >


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