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Awareness & Change

Awareness & Change

Awareness & Change

Change is one of the most difficult things to deal with.  

Some people run to it, most people run from it… at all costs!  The funny thing about change is, we all crave the outcome that is produced by change yet our fear inhibits us from initiating change.

Like the Spartan’s, we must appreciate the power of change before we can truly embrace it.  Understand that power comes from uncertainty.  The Spartan’s used uncertainty and change as a device (or leverage tool) that always kept their opponents off guard… always guessing and always affording the Spartan’s the element of surprise.

Modern Day Spartan’s leverage the same ideas for change.  We know that sometimes we need to surprise ourselves, our people we do business with and even our friends and family to keep us in a state of constant progression.  In this post, we really want to deep dive into how change works as a methodology as well as provide you with a little insight and exercise that will allow you to warm up to the idea of change.

FIRST we have to begin with the sequence of change.

1. Awareness – Awareness is the catalyst for change.  Before any change can begin there must be an awareness of the fiat that something is wrong, not good enough, or has room for improvement.

2. The Change Delta –  The triangle is the Spartan (Greek) symbol for change.

Change delta

The Change Delta works like this:  

Awareness create a need for change.  In order to change, the awareness must create a “Want”, from the want to change requires the acknowledgement that the change is possible.  The possibility of change means you understand and know that it “Can” be done.  Therefore, “I can” make this change that“I want” because I know it is possible.  And if you want something and it is capable of being had then it is only will that stands in your way.  “I will” make the change!   


3. Sustainability – Change is ultimately impacted by sustainability.  The most critical part of the sequence is sustainability.  However, creating sustainability isn’t the last piece or the end of the equation.  Most people believe this is where change ends and it is through this thinking that makes most change fail.  The piece proceeding sustainability is actually how change is impacted and sustainable.

4. The Failsafe – The failsafe is a change mechanism that forces the hand of sustainability.  In the Modern Day Spartan we use Shaming as a failsafe as one kind of example.  The failsafe is the idea that I will put something in front of my change that will make going back be so hard to do.  Thus creating a higher degree of certainty that we do not revert back to our old ways.  Simply put, if you have no risk to revert then the likelihood is stronger. 


Here is an example – I was aware that I was out of shape.  I wanted to get into shape.  I knew I could get into shape so I decided I would get into shape.  I knew getting into shape was something I had tried to do in the past and it wasn’t sustainable so I decided to sign up for an obstacle course race and invite a bunch of my healthier friends.  I was now the leader and not participating in the race would destroy my ego and my friends would shame me.  On top of that I know if I didn’t get in shape for the race I would either get hurt or embarrass the hell out myself.  To take it one step further, I announced it to my friends and family, begging anyone and everyone to come and watch.  That is a failsafe for sustainable change!



Change is easy if you start small.  Our change tip is also a great exercise in awareness.  Commit to making one random change a day.

1. Change what you know. (and what you don’t).  When you see or hear or read something you know nothing about investigate.  Research it on line, watch a video about it on Youtube, ask a friend if they have heard/are aware of it?

2. Eat/Drink something new.  You do this everyday, you have too eat and drink.  Instead of going with the same old Starbucks coffee or lunch item, try something you have never had.  It’s a few buck and you may hate it… but you may also like it.  Eitherway, you will get a little variety in your day, have something new to talk about and be on your way to experiencing change.  Not everything will be for the better but one in a great while you will discover new treasures!
3. Get lost (on purpose).  Explore!  Take a different route home that you have never taken before.  See how much more you pay attention to your environment.  Take a walk in your neighborhood in a way you have never gone on before.  Go to a different branch of your favorite grocery store or gym.  
4.  Demonstrate a Random Act of Kindness.  Do something you would never do and do it for someone else.  Pack a lunch for a homeless person.  Buy the persons coffee behind you.  Tell someone how wonderful they are.  Kiss your wife like you did the first time!  Call an old friend out of the blue for no reason.  Forgive someone even if they don’t deserve it.

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