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How To Change Your Life | Modern Day Spartans

How To Change Your Life | Modern Day Spartans

How To Change Your Life | Modern Day Spartans

How To Change Your Life – The Modern Day Spartans Path

When it comes to life we need embrace the fact that it is an evolution. Just as man evolved from neanderthal to the modern skinny jeans wearing, iphone gripping socialite.

Evolution has taught us that change is good if not necessary for the survival of all species.

So when we look at life from an individualistic perspective it is pretty safe to say that change is not only normal, but required.

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Now I say this because there are many people who struggle with change as we tend to view “change” with such a negative stigma, but change is good, always good.

With change, we learn lessons about life and ourselves, some lessons are good others are bad, but their is almost a novelty or refresh in life as we undergo those changes and take on those lessons. Keeping life fresh and challenging is the key here and that is why you will learn…


They say over 40% of our daily decisions are not decisions at all but simply habits. So your daily trip to “Dunkin Donuts” for a fresh brew is not a decision you have made but a habit.

How about eating ? we have certain eating habits, and the more that you explore your daily routine the more you will see that much of it is narrated by habit.

So the first step in changing your life is to “CHANGE YOUR HABITS”

Identify habits pursuant to the goal in mind!

Identify the habits that prevent you from achieving your goals. If your goal is to live a healthy lifestyle, than the right thing to do is to reevaluate your habits. Do you smoke ?

do you drink ? do you run ? Are you a fast food junky ?

Here are some simple steps to redefining your day, and ultimately sculpt the changes that will lead to a better life.

Sleep: In such a fast paced society with obligations such as work, kids, and late night television it is important that you invest 8 hours of that day sleeping.

An article from Harvards Medical suggests that sleep provides an assortment of benefits, including mind acuteness – Sleep, Learning, Memory & Mental Health . Physical Health – Increased Metabolism and Immune Function to name a few.

Prioritize Your Routines:

Just because your day seems busy doesn’t mean you are out there saving the world, it simply means that you should set priority to certain tasks, replace late night TV with an evening jog (treadmill works too) this will assure you are exhausted and get to bed early so you can get that extra snooze time.


Consider where you are financially: No one and I mean no one in this world is content with their financial situation, we are harvesters (animals like all others) and we seek to have as much resource as possible.

Now for some, education or career change may be of necessity to increase earning potential, but from my experience the old adage holds true “people will always spend more than they can afford or at capacity” Now if you hold a decent job but find yourself just getting by ask yourself this important question.

Is my job keeping me poor or is it my spending habits ?being honest with yourself and asking yourself this question can definitely change your life for the better.

Historically the average American has a debt to income ratio of 60 cents of debt to every dollar earned, during the economic destruction we saw that number balloon to $1.31 to $1.00  earned now in the current recovery we see that number drop a bit $1.16 of debt to every $1.00 earned. – Source – Clark Howard.

So consider your financial situation with vigilance and schedule a plan to get out of debt or resist temptation to buy that next super cool gadget. Lowering your DTI % will allow for much more discretionary income and tadaaa! you will feel rich  🙂 within your means!

Now if you are truly looking for a way to make more money check this out

Reinvent your surroundings before you reinvent yourself: This is important because you are looking for ways to change your life and you certainly need a support structure and environment to facilitate that change and growth.

If it means you move out of that apartment next to train station, so you can get more sleep, or distance yourself from friends and people who are stuck in their lives, make sure this change happens first otherwise it will be difficult to change your life and habits, remember social pressure is an incredibly powerful thing, and you need to align yourself with individuals who share the same passion of growth and personal development as you do.

So there you have it, to begin the process of changing your life starting today is not as arduous as we all tend to believe, it is a matter of choice and self reflecting, in the end if I can do it, so can you…

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