What does it Mean to Promote Yourself?

Self promotion involves adopting behaviours and activities that ensure that people know who you are. They are aware of your skills, your talents, and your goals.

Businesses that know the importance of intrapreneurs to the well-being of their enterprise are always on the lookout for employees who possess the spirit of an entrepreneur.
This is a competitive world.

It is not enough to be incredibly creative and full of great ideas. You have to let the world know you have these skills, abilities, and talents and you are eager to use them.

If you know what job you want, you need to pursue it proactively. Other less talented people who know how to promote themselves will get the job you want because they went out and actively sought it.

If you want to be recognized within an organization for your intrapreneurial potential, you need to let your light shine within that company.  If you know what you want, get out there and pursue your goals proactively.

Networking is one of the best ways to promote yourself, your talents and your professional goals. This includes getting known within your company by participating in company initiatives and getting the attention of the movers in your organization.


It also means associating with others in like businesses through your industry’s professional associations, meetings, seminars, workshops, and/or conferences.

Socializing is another good way to promote yourself. If your workplace offers social groups, house sports leagues, committees, interoffice activities make a point of getting actively involved or be proactive in starting them.

If the terms, “networking” and “socializing” scare you, get over it. Your inhibitions will hold you back. If you are shy or introverted, work on  changing that. You have to put yourself out there!

Place yourself in situations like community get-togethers, PTA meetings, block parties, neighborhood BBQs, family reunions, toastmasters’ clubs…that help you gain confidence
Why is Self-Promotion Important?

Self-promotion is about endorsing yourself to others, so you will be considered when future employment and/or advancement opportunities come up. “Luck favors the prepared mind.”

Promoting yourself is all part and parcel of job seeking and getting ahead in a company once you land a job. Knowing how to promote yourself requires both skill and natural ability.

The challenge for all intrapreneurs is to gain visibility and show strength without seeming to be bragging and coming off as egocentric. Take personal credit where credit is due, but also share the successes of the team and the business milestones with everyone Success leverages success.

You need to strike just the right balance of promotional strategies that will yield the most effective results and not overdo it!

How people see you in the workplace is critical to your success both in that company and if you seek employment at another place of business down the road.

Like an artist gathers his portfolio of his best works, you need to be creating a living picture of you as a successful career holder.

Now more than ever it is vital to promote yourself. With the advent of the Internet, social media, and 24/7 businesses, your ability to brand and promote yourself effectively is absolutely essential.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, how talented you are, or what great ideas you have if no one else knows that.

If you hide your light under a bushel, other less deserving, less talented, less creative people will get the opportunities that should have been yours. Why? Because they know how to promote themselves!

Your boss must be able see those skills, talents, and ideas. It’s your job to convince your supervisor, your boss, and your colleagues that you are an absolutely invaluable employee.

They need to see you as current, knowledgeable, eager, enterprising, resourceful, and a dedicated company person. You need to be the person whose name immediately comes to mind when they think of success.

To get ahead you’ve got to sell yourself. And you need to do it professionally and well!

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