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A Profile of The Modern-Day Spartan Intrapreneur

A Profile of The Modern-Day Spartan Intrapreneur

These days it’s typically the entrepreneur that gets the glory; the smart start-up guy who seems to know what the next big thing will be, the social savvy app developer that is suddenly all over our iOs, the Kickstarted inventor, whose idea just might change the world.

But in reality, these guys have one-in-a-million chance of really creating a stir, establishing themselves as professionals in their industry, or making a real impact on society (not to mention their family’s social mobility).

In the real world, the place most of us, our wives and kids, live, it’s the intrapreneur who makes the biggest difference; who rises to the top and makes his mark on his industry, furthers his career, and improves his world by providing for his family.

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