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Thax Tips: You can’t do it all, so stop trying

Thax Tips: You can’t do it all, so stop trying

Thax Tips: You can’t do it all, so stop trying

The best and most productive workers, creators and innovators are the people who have also spent time cultivating leadership skills. And what it is leaders do best? They know how to appropriately delegate.
Think about it! The CEO of any Fortune 500 company isn’t worrying about keeping the books, staying on top of building maintenance, or mowing the lawn. He’s consumed with doing what he does best–leading, innovating, or predicting future successes.
If you want to be CEO of your own life, you need to make sure you free yourself up so you can spend your time productively, maximize your potential, and take care of the tasks that really matter. This applies for both business and life.

Let’s take lawncare for example. If you were to remove that task from your weekly docket, how much time would you free up? What resources would you save if you no longer had to purchase or maintain lawn care equipment?
What is it worth to you to NOT have to worry about mowing the lawn after you come home from work? This is just one simple task that it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to outsource. Sure, you could do it yourself. Or you could spend that time brainstorming business ideas, or watching your kids at soccer practice.
What other tasks can you outsource? A personal chef can provide home-cooked meals cheaper than eating at restaurants.
A copywriter and editor can prepare your business reports and polish your resumes and cover letters. A monthly cleaning service will make sure dust bunnies don’t start multiplying behind the couch.
Let’s face it, there’s a LOT to do in our modern lives. We have to take care of our families, our work, our homes and our sanity! And just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should make yourself crazy doing it. Outsourcing small, menial tasks doesn’t make you less of a man, it makes you a more efficient CEO (even if you’re just CEO of your life).

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