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The Intrapreneur-Employer Relationship

The Intrapreneur-Employer Relationship

The Intrapreneur-Employer Relationship

Ideally, the employer sees opportunities for improving his company in nurturing the qualities and output of the Intrapreneur. The employer recognizes the value of Intrapreneurs to employee morale and to the bottom line of his company.

The savvy employer also knows that more than cash, what spurs on an Intrapreneur is encouragement, recognition and autonomy.

Employers who recognize their Intrapreneurs and make wise use of them are those who first have a clear vision they can articulate about what the company stands for, where it is going and what will help it get there. With this framework in place, the Intrapreneur can thrive.

Intrapreneurs are inspired by visionary leaders who can describe the company vision. Then it is simply a matter of providing the creative space and a welcoming environment.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.
~ Jack Welch quotes

Employees who show initiative and are given ten or fifteen percent of their work day to work on new ideas, processes, products, and/or and services immediately get the message that they are needed, valued, and appreciated.

The plain and simple truth is: employees tend to work harder on the things they like doing.

Today’s employers brainstorm with employees, and challenge them to develop innovations on their own time. These thoughts/suggestions are then shared at company informal meetings.

Intrapreneurs are encouraged to add suggestions for improvements on processes, routines, feedback, client relations…

Even if the Intrapreneurs idea flops down the road, it is still crucial that you reward his or her effort. You may choose, for example, to give that employee a certificate of appreciation and a dinner at a nice restaurant.

The bottom line is that whether you decide on percentage points, promotions or other fancy perks, it helps to give your employees a reason to take a chance on their ideas.


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