The Spartan path. They worked together. Fought together. They learned how to move and think as one. So shall we, the Modern Day Spartan of Business.

The Mind Set of an Intrapreneur: Characteristics

Every company has employees that go beyond the call of duty. There are employees who are energized by opportunities to improve processes, products or services. Intrapreneurs are inspired because they believe they can make a difference to the company, the community, perhaps even the world!

While a comprehensive list will never include every quality of an intrapreneur.

Here are some glimpses into the mind of the intrapreneur:

Intrapreneurs have lots of ideas and are enthusiastic about them.

  •     Intrapeneurs possess a vast knowledge their environment. They may be engineers, technicians, scientists, mathematicians. They see relationships among things.
  •     Intrapreneurs have a vision and a desire to change things for the better.
  •     Intrapreneurs are team players who can lead and inspire others.
  •     Intrapreneurs have a network of support people on whom they can call.
  •     Intrapreneurs don’t give up. Setbacks are merely challenges to persevere
  •     Intrapreneurs cherish change.
  •     Intrapreneurs are persistent in the face of complications. They love a good challenge.
  •     Intrapreneurs have passion and high motivation to make things happen.
  •     Intrapreneurs are persuasive and encouraging of their teammates
  •     Intrapreneurs have a strong customer focus. They look for ways to get a job done that considers customers. His mindset is client-focused.
  •     Intrapreneurs see opportunities. They envision the possibilities where others see only obstacles.
  •     Intrapreneurs are flexible. If needed, they can change their aims and objectives for the good of the project, organization, or client.
  •     Intrapreneurs see their job not as a duty but rather as an opportunity to effect change.
  •     Intrapreneurs do not face risks of entrepreneurs. They have corporate support. However, they are willing to risk security and potentially having others resist their ideas. They may even risk their jobs.
  •     Intrapreneurs have high self-confidence. They are so sure they are right and are pursuing a righteous cause that they will risk insubordination. The chain of command is not a popular concept for intrapreneurs.
  •     Intrapreneurs will not duck responsibility by saying it is “not in my job description”. Intrapreneurs will do whatever it takes. In that way, they think like owners of the business.
  •     Intrapreneurs are loyal to their employers and the company. Intraprapreneurs have frequently worked their entire career for the same company—or the one that bought it out.

The Importance of Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs help companies remain current and solvent. Intrapreneurs infuse energy into new business ventures. If companies do not actively promote intrapreneurship, they die.

If you are looking for proof of this, you need look no farther than Kodak and RIM. Both rested on the laurels of previously wildly popular products while companies like Cannon and Apple continued to pour money into intrapreneurial ventures to change with the times.

Perhaps if Kodak and Rim had put emphasis on evolving, their products and companies would not be in jeopardy today.  It is extremely important for education offers basics of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship skills.

Not every student will become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. That’s not important. Teaching skills necessary for success as an intrapreneur can help companies by preparing a work force that can apply intrapreneurial skills to the specific needs of the company.

Those who have these valuable skills are capable of putting their enterprise on the map with innovative processes, services, and products.

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