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Warrior vs. Worrier

Warrior vs. Worrier

Warrior vs. Worrier

There are two strategic styles in business and one that separates the Intrapreneur from the typical employee.  We call this phenomena the “Warrior vs. Worrier” mindset.

Perhaps you have had an employer or maybe even experienced this behavior first hand.  The idea is born from fear and works like this.  The Warrior approached business from a “playing to win” attitude” where as the Worrier approaches business from a “playing not to lose” attitude.  We have covered a similar idea in the concept of Management vs. Leadership.  Warrior vs. Worrier is the tactical approach to Leadership vs. Management.

A leader, or even better, an Intrapreneur leads with an aggressive style by which they play to win.  Their approach is both tactical, offensive and progressive.  The Worrier is trying to manage, maintain or otherwise prevent things from getting out of control.  Managing with the “Worrier” mentality will fear what could go wrong when a risk is taken.  The approach is to defend the position and try not to lose ground.  These are the business managers that may have been gifted their success and fight so desperately to hang on to what they were given (likely by a great leader) instead of taking their position and trying to advance it.  The “Worrier” is paralyzed by risk and analytics.  This is where we see “Paralysis by analysis” and the slow or non-moving advancement of strategy.  We see the “Worrier” as getting ready to get ready.

By no means are we advocating a Ready, Shoot, Aim” strategy but with ability, clarity and natural leadership capability the “Warrior” only knows how to advance.  A “Warrior” has studied their plan and can see all of their “outs”.  The “Warrior” is not paralyzed by fear nor are they reckless but risk is rationalized a differently by a “Warrior” and this goes back to the idea of failing forward.  Understanding that in business as it is in life, if we are not growing… we are dying.  The same is true for business.  Advancement, progression and evolution waits for no one.  The “Warrior” knows this and as such doing something that is thought out, researched and deliberate may not always have the desired return but it will always create advancement.

Ask yourself which you are today and which will you be tomorrow…  A warrior or a worrier?

Spartan up and make today the day the you will stop being who you are and start being who you will become!

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