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Weekly Tip: | Self Mastery

Weekly Tip: | Self Mastery

Weekly Tip: | Self Mastery

Self-mastery, in theory, is simple:

It means that you are in charge of you. If it is so simple why isn’t everyone in charge of himself or herself and leading happier and more productive lives.

Most people do not practice self-mastery because no one has taught them how. Often, we let outside influences like television, friends and colleagues determine how we feel and what we thinks.

The key to self-mastery is to recognize that thoughts have power. Whether you believe it or not, you are a total result of all thoughts you have ever had. That’s right where you are right now in life has been determined by your dominant thoughts.

Do you want to control your life? Have you ever noticed how a garden, when left unattended, grows weeds and becomes unattractive? Your mind is not different.

If you let negative influence in your life go unattended they will grow weeds: only weeds will look more like an out-of-shape body, lack of motivation, or poor self-confidence.Weed out your negative influences!

Just remember take control of your life and decide today is a new day and you own it! Self Mastery, get it going today Spartans!

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